The toolkit offers a variety of informative tools. Learn about the skills people with disabilities bring to the workplace and use our ‘how-to’ resources, that provide practical tips and strategies on successful recruitment, hiring, inclusion and retention of people with disabilities.
  • 1. Select the three appropriate definitions of disabilities according to the United Nations:

  • 2. Identify two of your legal obligations as a Canadian employer:

  • 3. Select three criteria associated with inclusive job postings:

  • 4. Select two questions you are NOT PERMITTED TO ASK during a job interview:

  • 5. Select two best practices in hiring people with disabilities:

  • 6. Select three best practices for maintaining successful employment:

  • 7. Have you hired workers with disabilities in the past?

  • 8. Inclusive workplaces are mostly about elevators, access ramps, accessible washrooms and ergonomic workstations.

  • 9. Select two statements that best sum up disability awareness training:

  • 10. Select three statements that best sum up a disability and diversity policy:

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    By completing this short questionnaire, you can identify the best tools to hire and retain employees with disabilities, as well as increase your company’s performance.

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    Employers often find that workers who identify as having disabilities have unique abilities; they also tend to work harder to prove themselves.
    According to employers, people with disabilities perform as well or better than other workers. These employers concluded that hiring people with disabilities did not negatively impact their businesses.
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    In a national survey of consumer attitudes towards various companies, 92% of the respondents gave favourable ratings to businesses that hire people with disabilities.
    98% were satisfied or very satisfied with the service they received when dealing with an employee with a disability.