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COVID-19 Tools

COVID-19 has significantly impacted Canadian businesses, forcing many employers to adapt. The value of diversity and inclusion has never been as important as it is today. Employers seeking to recover from the pandemic will be looking to their teams for resilience and adaptability. Once the world shifts back to normal, businesses that foster an inclusive workplace and hire with diversity in mind stand to benefit the most!

Visit our new COVID-19 tools for further information on how hiring people with disabilities will translate into overall business success after the pandemic.

COVID-19 Tools

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Download a Job Posting Template

First and foremost, you must have an updated job description:
Identify the essential functions of the job. What are the essential requirements? What are the needed core competencies to perform this job? See document 4.2 “How to Write Inclusive Job Descriptions”.

Be inclusive.

When writing the job posting, the details used to describe the job requirements should not exclude someone with a disability. Listing physical demands that are not essential to the job, could automatically exclude someone with a disability from the hiring process.

FOR EXAMPLE: Employers sometimes indicate physical demands that are not actually essential for the job, such as: repetitive movement of hands and fingers — typing and/or writing; occasional standing, walking, stooping, kneeling or crouching; reaching with hands and arms; talking and hearing; and the ability to lift and carry up to 20 lbs. When these are written, and they are not essential, the employer will not access the untapped labour pool of skilled workers.

Some language can create barriers to seeking out and hiring the right talent.

An inclusive job posting states alternative expertise or experience. This encourages candidates with different abilities to apply for the job. Qualifications and requirements must reflect inclusiveness and be result oriented.


Language could create barrier to employment Language is results oriented
10+ years’ experience in medical administration in a medical specialist’s office. Experience working as a medical administrator, including experience managing patient appointments and requests, and communication with healthcare partners.
Valid driver’s license required. The ability to travel and provide own transportation.
Three years’ experience as a tax auditor. Experience in tax auditing involving a variety of industries, including several complex audits.

Use plain language.

Keep things simple and to the point; lay out information as clearly as possible. Call on your local service provider to get a professional opinion to ensure requested qualifications are not discriminatory.

FOR EXAMPLE: State clearly and simply the conditions of employment, including any potential flexibility regarding work hours. Clearly indicate whether the position is full time, part time, casual or contractual. Mention salary and benefits as appropriate.

Show where you stand.

Include a statement about your company’s commitment to equal employment opportunity.

FOR EXAMPLE: Our Company values the diversity of the people it hires and serves. Diversity at Our Company means fostering a workplace in which individual differences are recognized, appreciated, respected and responded to in ways that fully develop and utilize each person’s talents and strengths.

Provide contact details.

Provide details of a contact person who is able to answer questions about the essential job requirements. The contact person should also be aware of the company’s diversity and inclusion policy.

FOR EXAMPLE:  For more information about our Canadian Workplace Diversity Initiative, including disability accommodation, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (123) 456-7890.

Be accessible.

Ensure your inclusive job offer is distributed in various formats, so that it can reach as many candidates as possible, including the untapped pool of skilled workers.

FOR EXAMPLE: Alternative formats include HTML and Microsoft Word, large print, text transcripts of visual information, and accessible electronic formats compatible with screen readers.

Be easy to reach.

Provide several different ways to receive candidates’ applications.

FOR EXAMPLE: Accept applications by email, fax, teletype writer (TTY), video relay service (VRS), regular mail, or by inviting candidates to submit applications online via your company's accessible website.


HIRE for TALENT has made every effort to use the most respectful words possible while writing these materials. We realize, however, that the most appropriate terminology may change over time. We developed these materials with the intent to respect the dignity and inherent rights of all individuals.

Take the Challenge!

True or false

An inclusive job posting always contains a statement about diversity and inclusion.

True. Inclusive job postings state the company’s commitment to equal employment opportunity.

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