The toolkit offers a variety of informative tools. Learn about the skills people with disabilities bring to the workplace and use our ‘how-to’ resources, that provide practical tips and strategies on successful recruitment, hiring, inclusion and retention of people with disabilities.
The Restigouche CBDC developed the www.HireForTalent.ca website as part of a project funded by the Government of Canada's Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities.

HIRE for TALENT- Building an Inclusive Canadian Workforce is a national project that will deliver a Canada-wide awareness campaign aimed at increasing the confidence of employers when hiring people with disabilities. The awareness campaign also aims to increase employer awareness about how people with disabilities are a talented part of the workforce, and will provide resources to help employers tap into this talent pool during their search for skilled workers.

The Restigouche CBDC:

This project is delivered by the Restigouche Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC), based in Campbellton, New Brunswick. Part of the Community Futures Network of Canada, the Restigouche CBDC delivers a range of small business support programs, as well as innovative programs and projects in the areas of training, research, HR management and career counselling.

Partnering Networks and Associations:

This project is being delivered in close collaboration with over 20 other organizations, including disability networks, service providers and business associations from across Canada. Go to the Partners page for more details.

Participation also includes at least one member group per province from the Community Futures Network of Canada – a national network of 268 not-for-profit organizations that provide small business services to people living in rural communities.


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Employers often find that workers who identify as having disabilities have unique abilities; they also tend to work harder to prove themselves.
According to employers, people with disabilities perform as well or better than other workers. These employers concluded that hiring people with disabilities did not negatively impact their businesses.
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In a national survey of consumer attitudes towards various companies, 92% of the respondents gave favourable ratings to businesses that hire people with disabilities.
98% were satisfied or very satisfied with the service they received when dealing with an employee with a disability.